1,000 True Fans

Now, this is an interesting. We only need 1,000 true fans to finance ourselves as artists: I am suggesting there is a home for creatives in between poverty and stardom. Somewhere lower than stratospheric bestsellerdom, but higher than the obscurity of the long tail. I don’t know the actual true number, but I think a […]

A taste of the hitman

Check out the teaser ripomatic for our feature film script, The Hitman’s Cookbook. Freshly baked! If you like the teaser, you’ll love the film we want to make. Spread the word and read more about it here. We’re currently seeking a lead Producer, Executive Producer, local distributor, international sales agent and interest from private investors and […]

Anima and crowd funding

A couple of mates, Scott Mannion and Luke McKay, are harnessing crowd funding to finance their new short film, Anima. Check out their website and get involved. The script is great!

Crowd funding case study #1 – The Tunnel

Luci Temple has insightfully dissected the financing strategy for an Australian crowd funded feature film, The Tunnel. There’s two parts to the article – Part 1 and Part 2. Read both. Notice the trend. Everyone seems to raise $10-15K from supportive family and friends. And then the money seems to dry up. I was a big […]

The journey begins

Over the last year I’ve been an avid fan of Ted Hope’s blog, Truly Free Film. Who’s Ted Hope? The guru of indie cinema in the US, of course. UPDATE: You can now find Ted’s blog at Indiewire. Ted has been preaching the benefits of social media as a possible strategy to save indie cinema. It’s a […]