2 – Screenwriting with Gabriel Dowrick

Gabe meets actor and stuntman Tony Jaa
Gabe meets action actor, Tony Jaa

In Episode 2 I’m joined by a special guest, Gabriel Dowrick. Gabe has been fortunate to work successfully as both a Screenwriter and Editor. His produced feature writing credits include SKIN TRADE, an American/Thai co-production starring Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa and Ron Perlman and TERMINUS, an ambitious Australian Sci-Fi/Drama.

As an editor he’s cut the TV series SOUL MATES, BLACK COMEDY and THE ELEGANT GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO KNIFE FIGHTING for ABC TV, numerous acclaimed short films that have played at the world’s most prestigious film festivals, as well as hundreds of commercials and music videos.

Gabe has also been my co-writer for the last 8.5 years. Together we’ve written numerous feature screenplays and a couple of TV projects. In this episode, Gabe shares his own ‘breaking in’ story as a screenwriter for Dolph Lungren. We also discuss the genesis of our writing partnership, our daily routine of creating a feature film idea everyday for 4 months and some of the ideas we abandoned when Hollywood ‘beat us to the punch’. Most importantly, all of these experiences led to our current film project.



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