7 – From Tropfest to Los Angeles with Duane Fogwell: Part 1

Director/Editor Duane Fogwell
Director/Editor Duane Fogwell

Duane Fogwell joins me for Part 1 of a discussion about making the step from Tropfest to Los Angeles. Duane is an award-winning film and television Director/Editor who grew up in Canberra. After being short-listed for ABC TV’s RACE AROUND THE WORLD at the age of 18, Duane discovered his love of all things film. Duane completed a Bachelor of Arts from the ANU majoring in English Literature and Film Studies and was later accepted into the Victorian College of the Arts. His graduation film, THE BEST MAN, won Best Script and Best Editing. Duane has been editing since childhood and continued to hone his skills after film school. Upon graduation Duane began directing and editing television commercials and subsequently television editing with the boom of reality TV in the mid 2000’s. When a little show called MASTERCHEF exploded in Australia, Duane found himself in demand as one Australia’s top TV editors. Duane continued to make his own short films and is a three-time Tropfest finalist. His most recent Tropfest film FISH LIPS won Best Editing and People’s Choice. Duane relocated to Los Angeles in early 2015 with his family, working in network television as an in-demand freelance editor.

In Episode 7 we focus on his journey from film school to Tropfest. In particular, we chat about:

  • The pros and cons of studying film theory.
  • Taking the leap into film production.
  • Shooting and editing wedding videos.
  • Getting a break with Tropfest.
  • Commercial popularity versus artistic acclaim.
  • The character of film festivals.
  • Celebrating success and dealing with rejection.



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