Ep 1, Season 1 – THE ORIGINAL – Westworld with Ben and Wade

Ben and Wade load up their six shooters and ride into town to watch THE ORIGINAL, Episode 1 of Season 1 in HBO’s TV series, WESTWORLD.

In particular, we chat about:
– How good was the original 1973 film version?
– Was James Cameron inspired by the film when he created THE TERMINATOR?
– Why JURASSIC PARK is basically ‘WESTWORLD with dinosaurs’.
– Why THE TRUMAN SHOW is basically ‘WESTWORLD withOUT dinosaurs’.
– Are androids a cheeky excuse to depict lots of nudity?
– Have the androids been programmed to be racist?
– Who the hell is Ed Harris’ character?
– The characters we think the audience will be rooting for as the series progresses.
– How Ben uses the phrase ‘common parlance’.
– How WESTWORLD provides a good example of contemporary workplace safety.

Dr Robert Ford (Sir Anthony Hopkins)



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